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Encouragement.  We all need it, some more than others.  As a wife, it is my responsibility to encourage and support my husband. Which is simple enough, but how do you encourage when you, yourself, are discouraged?  I barely have the energy to keep my head afloat, how the heck am I supposed to encourage him??

The last four years have been really really hard for us.  You may think we are okay and happy, but we’ve really struggled and are beyond the end of our rope, you know, barley hanging on to that fraying stringy stuff at the end. Our marriage is fine, so don’t worry about that one.  We are just exhausted and discouraged financially, emotionally, and spiritually.  As I’m sure many of you are.

My husband has been called to plant a church downtown Boston.  That was 5 years ago.  Since then, we’ve been pursuing, chasing, fasting and fervently praying for doors to open.  Right now, my hubby has a “trendy” job, that others would love to have, but with a family, it’s not ideal.  He works a different shift everyday. {Sunday is his only guaranteed day off, but then he has meetings Sunday nights.}  He gets his schedule a week in advance.  He is gone for 11 hrs of the day/night.  And he gets paid very little for it.  He hates it. While he’s doing that, I am stuck in our small home, with our 3 girls, without a car.  I hate it.  We’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now.  We are both losing our minds.  And that is not an understatment.  My husband has been applying for jobs in Boston, Seattle, here in Charlotte, and well, just about anywhere, for the last four years as well.  NOTHING.  Oh, he’s had interviews, skype interviews, flew to Boston for a hands on interview, and still nothing.  After four years of not getting another job and no open doors for Boston, one starts questioning their abilities, their calling, as well as losing their spark.  My husband has lost the twinkle in his eye, which is one of my most favorite things about him.  We are both fading.  We aren’t who we used to be.  We are irritable, discouraged, exhausted, but we are clinging onto the only hope we have, Jesus.  But I must say, God and I have been having some unpleasant conversations lately.

So, how do you support and encourage your hubby when you are both about to lose your grip on sanity??

Good question.  I ask myself that all the time.  I have apologized to my husband for not knowing how to encourage him when I’m in desperate need of encouragement myself.  To my surprise, he told me that I am encouraging…and these are the things I have been doing, without realizing it was encouraging for him.

1:  Everyday, I pray that someone would come along and encourage him that day.  Whether it be a phone call from a friend, a random email, or a stranger/friend that sees his potential and speaks life to it.

2:  I text him scriptures that encourage me and in turn they have been encouraging him.  I would give you some of my favorites, but they change everyday.  Isaiah and Psalms are great books to start with.

3:  Communicate with your hubby.  Express your frustrations and why you are discouraged.  I found that when I broke down in front of him {which is often}, he said that it encouraged him to be stronger.  He had this misconception that I was super strong, not phased by our current situation, and that I wouldn’t have a clue as to what he was feeling.  WRONG!!!  So very wrong!!  Share your heart and soul and know that you are both on the same page.  At least you won’t feel alone in your despair.

4: Let him know that you still believe in him.  This one is probably the most important.  Believing in someone is huge.  Letting them know is even bigger.  Talk about encouraging!!  When we were having a heart to heart session, I told him that I would never let him give up on his dream/calling and that I believed in him.  I saw the twinkle again.  It was faint, but it was there!!

5:  Remind him of all the blessings God has been gracious enough to give you. To name a few of ours:  Healthy family.  A job. {Even though he hates it.}  A roof over our heads.  We are debt free. {Aside from student loans and our car.}  Our bills are getting paid every month. {If you compare our bills to what he gets paid, you’ll know that it is a miracle and indeed a huge blessing.}  I get to be a stay at home mom. {I’m going crazy, but I’m grateful.}  There are so many blessings along the way.  You just have to stop, count them, and remind each other how blessed you really are.

See, it’s the simple things that help encourage and show our support for our husbands.  Who knew??

Go encourage your hubby. There’s also an amount of encouragement that is received when you are blessing and encouraging someone else.  Works out for both of you!!

I have no doubt that we’ll make it through this.  Because, this too shall pass.  We just don’t have a clue as to what the next step is.  But there’s hope in our God, who is always faithful, and He will remain in control.


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My 6yo is so creative and full of life, but it wasn’t always that way.

Kadison had to have double eye surgery, in February, to correct muscles that were too tight.  She was a trooper and so brave!! The above picture was taken the day of surgery, before she got the “happy” medicine.  Once the happy medicine kicked in, she didn’t get silly, like we were told, she just glazed over and was very unresponsive.  We laughed about it, but it was very haunting for me.

When Kadison was born, she didn’t transition well. Meaning, she had a hard time transitioning from fluid to air. About an hr after she arrived, she stopped breathing, turned purple, and was rushed into NICU.  I always felt bad when I was in the NICU, because my baby appeared to look healthy and was almost 8lbs, which was huge compared to the preemies in there.  About a week later, they gave her a clean bill of health and we got to bring our second little girl home.

She was the best baby, but she wasn’t very interactive with her sister who is only 15 months older.  She didn’t make a lot of eye contact, or smile a lot.  We were very concerned, but it was chalked up to her developing at a different pace. We couldn’t help but think that the lack of oxygen to her brain had effected her.
An abundance of prayers went up for our little girl.

One night, when she was about 9 months old, I put her to bed like usual. The next morning, I went to get her and she was a completely different child.  She looked the same, obviously, but she was different.  Her eyes were bright and she started laughing, smiling, acknowledging everyone and just came alive.  It was as if God flipped the lights on.  Overnight our little girl was healed of whatever it was she had.  We still don’t know what was wrong, we just know that she was healed from something, because the difference was so drastic.

Flash forward to that day in the hospital, 5yrs later, with the “happy” meds in her.  I was reminded of how Kadison could have been if she wasn’t healed.  It was haunting. And yet, I was reminded of how good our God is and what a miracle Kadison is.

Life goes on and the many blessings and miracles in our lives seem to fade and become a distant memory.  Lord, please don’t let me forget.

Kadison on her 6th Birthday in March.
She is so funny, active, creative, generous, and loving.

She wants to be a fashion designer and LOVES Project Runway!!

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Well, I do believe we have a trend emerging with my 5yo and 3yo.

They have a passion for coloring themselves with sidewalk chalk.
{ Their arms and legs were also colored. }

Not that big of a deal.

~ YET ~

The coloring continues….

~ AND ~


Yes, they both seem quite pleased with themselves.
{ They also have dots all the way down their arms. }

…and yeah, this time they used Highlighters.
Not sure it’s going to come off any time soon!!

I am also beginning to think that they have a fascination with mustaches,
since they both have drawn quite impressive ones!!

I should take pics of the tattoos they give each other.


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With Mother’s Day coming up, my pastor’s wife, Holly Furtick, is asking the following question:

You Know You’re a Mom When…

I thought it was fun and wanted to share my response:

~ You want to jerk the neighborhood kid off the trampoline by his ear and march him home, but don’t because you might be overreacting.
~ You have to go to your little girl’s closet to find your heels.
~ You are constantly reminded what it is to have “child like” faith.
~ Your fave time of day is usually bedtime and you aren’t ashamed to admit it.
~ Popcorn and Choc milk are a well rounded breakfast. Fiber, veggie, protein, dairy….
~ You have to say “I’m sorry” for saying the word stupid.
~ You get a glimpse of what true unconditional love is because you yell or handle a parenting situation badly and yet your kids still want to crawl into your lap and say “I love you.”
~ You go to Ikea just to drop your kids off in the playland for an hr and head up to the cafe to read a book and do your devotions. SCORE!!!!
~ You are proud of yourself for using a word with more than 2 syllables!!!
~ Jesus speaks to you through your kids….everyday. It’s humbling.

I could go on and on…as I am sure you can!!!

Now, I am asking you the same!!


{ If you don’t have kids, HERE are 10 lessons you need to learn before you do!! }

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Look who is now 5!!!!
She makes me laugh every day and is the most generous person ever!!


Look who is now 3!!!
She is my courageous girl and lives to make the world smile.



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We got the girls the Horton Hears a Who board game. It’s a really fun game for all of us.  They LOVE playing and we LOVE watching them play!!


There are 6 colored clovers, like the yellow one in the pic, that you have to hide around the house.  When you land on a clover on the board game, you have to put on the Horton hat and run, crawl or hop to find the clover and back to the board before the time runs out.


The girls LOVE it!!

What’s your fave family game??

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It snowed last night. March 1st and we get snow?? Geez.

What it looked like around 8-ish last night.

Of course there isn’t any school today, so we went out and played first thing this morning.  Snowball fights and we made a snow dog. Then we came inside for Hot Chocolate and a movie.  Rules for choosing a movie was that it had to have snow in it.  They narrowed it down to Polar Express and Snow Dogs (since we made one) and the winner was Polar Express.  Their logic: Polar Express has snow and all the kids in the movie drink hot chocolate on the train. Sounds good to me!!


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