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August 28 marked 11 years of being married to my best friend!!  The years have flown by, and at the same time it seems like forever.  He’s my favorite person in the world and I would be lost without him.  I just want to share with you 11 things that I love about him.

  • Fun/whitty.
  • He sees the potential in everyone.
  • Adventurous
  • The absolute best daddy.
  • Sensitive.
  • Natural leader.
  • My biggest fan.
  • Audacious dreamer.
  • Challenges me to be better.
  • Tells me I’m beautiful everyday.
  • He’s MINE!!

I can’t wait to see what the next 11 yrs has in store for us.
The best is yet to come!!


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We were sued several yrs ago and I can’t describe to you the anger and pain it unleashed within my hubby and me. It has taken us a long time to get past it and to understand it, which we still have a hard time grasping. The lady that sued us was wrong and boldly lied in court and won. We had to pay $5000 and now have a judgment on our credit, which has ruined it completely. So, the lasting effects from this lawsuit have been felt yrs later when we tried to buy a house (couldn’t), car (couldn’t), get jobs, and even this house that we are renting. Everyone checks your credit and this lawsuit has continued to haunt us. We all know that everything happens for a reason and we knew that this lawsuit would end up being a good thing, but it has taken us a while to figure it out. Last week, the Lord finally let me in on it! If we hadn’t gone through that lawsuit, we would have had the credit to buy a house and settle down. Settling means being comfortable. It would have been a lot harder for us to pick up and move when He called us to. We have moved twice on faith and have been blessed beyond measure. We are now following the call to plant a church in Boston. This has been on our hearts for several yrs, but now it is actually in our near future and we couldn’t be more excited!! God knows the plans He has for us and knew that the lawsuit, although a horrible thing, could be turned into His perfect will. I don’t believe God lets bad things happen…it’s just life, it rains on the just and unjust, but He can take those bad things and turn them into good things. Which He has, and I am so thankful for the lawsuit for many reasons. It has just taken me a while to see the good in it!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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My baby is enrolled in Kindergarten!!  I can hardly believe that she is going to start school in August.  On one hand I am SO READY for her to be in school and on the other hand, it’s sad that she is growing up so fast.  Come August, my life, as I know it, will be changed forever…a new chapter in our lives will begin. I am excited for her, but it still saddens me a little.  *sigh*

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My hubby is the best daddy there is! I know I am bias, but that’s okay. He is loving, patient (when I am not), works hard, plays even harder, passionate, the spiritual leader, and sets an amazing example of what a father and husband should be. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing man in my life!!

* Love you Baby! *

* Thanks for being a terrific daddy to our little girls!! *


{{neck tie chucks..that’s as close as I would get to a real tie}}

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A silly, guilty pleasure of mine is watching Trading Spouses on CMT.  It is really interesting to watch the other “mom”  in a different environment and see the changes that might need to be made in the other ones home. I learned a lot from the last episode I watched, which was last week sometime. One of the “mom’s”  has extreme OCD in cleaning and a complete germ-a-phobe (she was in denial).  At the end of the show it was apparently obvious that she took more pride in her “clean” home and whether or not her children obeyed the rules while she was away, than in her family.   It was SO SAD!!  It helped me put things in perspective though. It’s not about how clean your house is, although we all like a clean house, or how well your children behave, although it’s wonderful if they use their manners. One of the most important jobs in parenting is being proud of your family no matter what.  Maybe I don’t discipline like I should, keep the home as clean as I should, raise my voice too often, and my children act up in public (and at home), but it’s my family and I am PROUD of who they are, and what they are going to become.  It’s my goal, and my duty, to make sure that my family knows that I am proud of them and I love them, no matter what!!

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This is my 5 yr old.

Don’t let this pic fool you….she is ornery. She LOVES to play pranks on people. She is always the first one to lock the car doors when you get out, so you can’t get back in. She loves to hide and then jump out and scare you. One of my favorites is when she told me to drive to the back of a parking lot so that D’artagnon couldn’t find us when he came out of the store, which he couldn’t. It was funny…and ALL her idea!!


Last night, she climbed into bed with me while D’Artagnon was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. She then decided to climb under the bed and wait for him to get into bed and then she would grab him. I put a pillow under the covers so it looked like she was “hiding.” D’Artagnon walked to the bed, started asking me if she was still in the bed, and pointed to the “pillow” under the covers….WHAM, she grabbed his ankle. He jumped and screamed…almost like a little girl!! It was HILARIOUS!!!


Tonight, while I was making dinner, D’Artagnon was watching the Countdown to the B-Ball game. Dahson dropped something behind the couch and had leaned over the back of it to get it. D’Artagnon called me in the living room…where I saw her little behind sticking up because she was leaning way over to get whatever it was she dropped. I walked over to give her bottom a love pat….I was 6 inches away when all of a sudden she pooted!!! YES…she POOTED!!! I almost fell in the floor laughing. I thought they had planned it, but it wasn’t planned at all. I looked at D’Artagnon and he was rolling, he had no idea she was going to do that…it was her being her usual silly self!!


Good gracious, I LOVE THAT KID!!!

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Like a Monkey

The girls climbing a tree in our yard…

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