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Maybe it’s because I’m a California girl.  Or maybe it’s because they are cheery, bright, and beautiful.  I’m not sure what it is, but I absolutely LOVE poppies!!  I can’t help but smile when they surprise me on the side of the highway.  When I come across a piece of poppy artwork, jewelry, or artificial flower.
Just their simple beauty makes me happy.


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After suffering for several years from daily migraines, chronic sinus infections, lack of energy, intestinal sensitivity, and all around feeling crappy, I finally went and got allergy tested.  My body was letting me know that there was something wrong and I didn’t even think twice that it could be allergies…until about 6 months ago.  My symptoms never went away and I began eliminating things from my diet.  Nothing seemed to help.  I figured getting tested was the first step I needed to take to start feeling better.


99 different allergens.

{{Please disregard the tattoo.  I got it 13 yrs ago when it was cool to wear higher waisted pants and WAY before the endearing term “tramp stamp” was invented!!  I just aged myself didn’t I??  Oh well.}}

Okay, back to the allergy testing.
Here is a pic of what my back looked like 5 min into the testing:

Environmentals on the left and food on the right.

I never thought I could be allergic to the environment, I was searching for more food related allergies.
They retested some of the allergens, 15 to be exact, in my arm:

{I still have that nice grid on my arm!!}

I have absolutely NO food allergies!!
However, I’m completely allergic to trees and weeds.

Basically, my results tell me that I’m allergic to the Southeast from March-November.  Isn’t that fantastic?!?  😮

So, now I’m on allergy meds and can honestly tell you that I do feel better.  Who would have thought that my daily migraines, lack of energy, and chronic sinus infections would be allergy related?!?  I didn’t, but I’m glad I know now!!!

I was relieved and felt a bit validated for feeling crappy!!

Plus, I could lovingly tell my hubby:
“See, it wasn’t all in my head,
I really do feel bad, and it’s not just me being hormonal!!!”

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Meet Tahoe, our 8yo Golden Retriever.

She is the sweetest most lovable dog ever.  Hubby and I got her when she was 6 wks old and before we had kids.  She is our first baby!!  When I was pregnant with my 4yo {pictured}, we found ourselves in transition.  Unfortunately, we had to find Tahoe a new home.  My inlaws saved the day and Tahoe moved in with them.  She lived with them for 4 yrs and has finally moved back home!!

My 4yo is in heaven!!  She LOVE LOVE LOVES animals!!

We are so glad Tahoe is home!!

{We may have to find her a new home soon, but hopefully we can keep her.}

Now if I can just figure out what to do about this:

Spider Monkey showed up this morning covered in scratches and dried mud.
Cats aren’t supposed to get baths…but this might be an exception.

For the love….

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Well, I do believe we have a trend emerging with my 5yo and 3yo.

They have a passion for coloring themselves with sidewalk chalk.
{ Their arms and legs were also colored. }

Not that big of a deal.

~ YET ~

The coloring continues….

~ AND ~


Yes, they both seem quite pleased with themselves.
{ They also have dots all the way down their arms. }

…and yeah, this time they used Highlighters.
Not sure it’s going to come off any time soon!!

I am also beginning to think that they have a fascination with mustaches,
since they both have drawn quite impressive ones!!

I should take pics of the tattoos they give each other.


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Rainy Day

Rainy days can be rough when you have kids.  I want my girls to play outside as much as they can to get rid of energy, but it’s been raining off and on all day.

The ends are soft….no eyes getting poked out.  At least not yet.
Maybe not the best idea now that I think about it…

Bringing them in for a movie!! 🙂

What do you do on a rainy day??

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I was packing up last week for a visit with my hubby’s parents and g-parents, when  I noticed my 6yo had the beginning stages of a rash that she had gotten when she had strep.  Knowing that we were going to see their great grandparents, I didn’t want to chance it with strep.  So, off to Urgent Care I go.  They closed at 8 and 6yo and I got there about 7:15.  She tested negative for strep, so they did another test to see if it was something else.  Anyway, by the time we got out of there it was 9:15 and we were the last patients to leave. We had to leave out the back door since the front was all locked up.  We get in the car and are about to head to the pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled, when the car won’t start.  I HATE it when that happens.  We always have jumper cables in the car, so I just hop out and get them out.  I carried them over to the back door and rang the “EMS” bell since all the dr’s and nurses were still there.  A nurse came out and I held up the cables and asked for help.  She went back in and came back out about 10 minutes later.

She proceeded to say:

“I’m sorry.  Regulations say that we can’t use our own vehicles to help a patient. So, we couldn’t help you, even if we wanted to. You can use our phone if you want.  Sorry.”



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Hubby and I went to Boston for 5 days this last weekend.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  I totally fell in love with the city and didn’t want to come home.  I missed my girls but just wished that Boston was home.  It was a weird feeling because I have never felt that way before about a place.

Here are some videos that we took while we were there.

Boston Pics

As you can see, we had a blast and can’t wait to get back!!

We plan on moving there before the end of the year!

“Wicked Awesome!!”

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